MC2035 Digital Assessment – SportsCenter

In the online world, SportsCenter’s social media accounts allow sports fans of all kind — soccer, football, golf, baseball, etc., — to stay in the know and follow their team’s scores and overall performance. Specifically, SportsCenter’s Instagram is filled with pictures and original videos displaying a certain player or teams performance, quotes and breaking sports … More MC2035 Digital Assessment – SportsCenter

What is Love?

While my mind and heart have been in a million different places lately, I have felt called and constantly nudged by God to write. About what you say? I have no idea, but I do not say no to the Lord. Determined to produce another well-written, captivating blog post, I decided I would sit at this computer … More What is Love?

To Be Good Enough

After months of trying to write a good blog post that would capture the hearts and minds of readers everywhere, I failed. Every time I began, my writing would hit a dead end. Whether I had too much on my mind or too little to build a story, the timing was never right. Being that … More To Be Good Enough

Always Proud

Ah, the most anticipated day of the year. Since I turned 18 a few days ago, I was beyond ecstatic to vote for the first time in such a historical presidential election. It’s the type of election generations after us will be learning about in their U.S. History classes, and it was neat that I … More Always Proud

Dearest SJA

I’ll be the first one to tell you that attending an all-girls high school is different than what most people think. It’s not like an episode of Mean Girls, we are not consumed with drama, and there are no “cat fights.” Rather, attending an all-girls high school is the best thing that has ever happened … More Dearest SJA

My Louisiana

I have waited a long time to write this post because I wanted my words to be as close to perfect as they could be. With that being said, I guess 5 P.M. on a Saturday night is ideal for a high school student to reflect on the past two weeks. Two weeks ago, my … More My Louisiana

The Social Drug

The potency of this drug is mind boggling. Many have become addicted to it yet they do not even realize it. This drug is by far the most powerful, widely used drug of the 21st century – it is the social drug.  The idea of this blog post came to me at the beginning of … More The Social Drug