Forgiving Love

Failure. One look at that word and I cringe. It is a word has the power to tear you down. It gets inside your head and causes you to think about the “what if’s” of any situation. It makes you strive for perfection, and although you know it is impossible to achieve, you strive for … More Forgiving Love

The Battle of a Lifetime: Donna Britt’s Battle with ALS

I interviewed Mrs. Britt for my final paper in my media writing class because I have admired her for as long as I can remember. I could not have picked a better person for the first story of my career (woah now, Makenzie!), and I am so thankful she so graciously accepted my request. I … More The Battle of a Lifetime: Donna Britt’s Battle with ALS

Reckless Love

Mid-term week in college is no joke. Especially when your teachers spread out midterms to cover two weeks. It is safe to say that this week has brought a multitude of challenges, both school wise and personally. I had two exams today, one being an American history mid-term. I was frazzled and stressed getting ready for … More Reckless Love

Faith and Trust.

I have been trying to write this post since October. Sometimes I don’t think I will ever finish it, so if you are reading it right now, thank God for giving me the right words! If you know me well enough, you know I struggle deeply with anxiety and OCD. These two “illnesses” have consumed … More Faith and Trust.

MC2035 Digital Assessment – SportsCenter

In the online world, SportsCenter’s social media accounts allow sports fans of all kind — soccer, football, golf, baseball, etc., — to stay in the know and follow their team’s scores and overall performance. Specifically, SportsCenter’s Instagram is filled with pictures and original videos displaying a certain player or teams performance, quotes and breaking sports … More MC2035 Digital Assessment – SportsCenter

What is Love?

While my mind and heart have been in a million different places lately, I have felt called and constantly nudged by God to write. About what you say? I have no idea, but I do not say no to the Lord. Determined to produce another well-written, captivating blog post, I decided I would sit at this computer … More What is Love?